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Meet Your Meat

Living on nearly 200 acres of pasture and woods near Appomattox, VA are the cows of Lund Angus Farm. They each have their own story. Get a glimpse into some of our herd.

Meet Your Meat
Hanging and Take-Home Weight

Hanging Weight - What? Why?

WHAT -- Hanging weight (aka carcass weight) is the weight of the entire animal after all of the internal organs, hide, head, hoofs, and tail have been removed.

WHY -- We sell grass fed beef in bulk to get you the highest quality for the best value. To avoid additional processing costs, each package you receive is not individually weighed. You are buying part of an animal before processing.

Take-home weight is weight of beef you receive; comparable to weights you'd buy retail.

How much will be in my order?

How much is an Eighth (1/8)?

1/8 animal estimates:

  • Freezer space: 6.5 – 7.5 gallons
  • Take-home weight: 48 lbs. (based on 600 lbs hanging)
  • Cost: $450 (75 lbs. hanging x $5.99/lb)
  • Take-home $/lb: 9.38 / lb