Grass-Fed Black Angus Beef
Delivered Fresh from Our Farm to Your Table

Lund Angus Farm

Discover Central Virginia’s finest grass-fed Angus beef in Virginia from a family-owned farm committed to sustainability and top-quality meat.

Our Commitment

Why choose us?

Raised Naturally, Naturally Delicious

Natural Beef

Our Black Angus cattle graze freely on our Central Virginia farm, enjoying a natural diet that produces lean, flavorful beef. No hormones, steroids, or antibiotics are ever used.

Healthy Eating, Made Easy

Diet Friendly

Our grass-fed beef is a delicious and nutritious choice. Leaner in fat content and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals, it’s a healthy and satisfying protein source.

Supporting Local Farms, Families

Local Business

Since 1982, we’ve been raising Black Angus cattle with passion and care, providing our community with the best quality beef and contributing to the local economy.

Convenient and Hassle-Free


We take care of the details. Choose a convenient pick-up location across Virginia and enjoy the ease of having your high-quality beef delivered right to you. Don’t hassle with the processor or slaughterhouse.

Farming with Nature in Mind


Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond simply raising healthy cattle. We practice regenerative farming methods that protect our land, our water resources, and our wildlife, ensuring a healthy future for generations to come.

Handcrafted Quality, From Farm to Fork


Every step, from slow-cooling and dry-aging to professional butchering and vacuum sealing, is carefully executed to ensure tenderness, flavor, and optimal freezer life.

Our Story

A Legacy of Sustainable Farming with High

Lund Angus Farm specializes in top-quality grass-fed beef, ensuring hormone-free and ethically raised products. We are dedicated to sustainable farming, providing health-conscious consumers with flavorful and natural meat options. Our commitment to ethical animal treatment and environmentally friendly operations has made us a go-to source for locally sourced, farm-fresh beef products, recognized for superior quality and taste.

Experience the True Flavor of Nature’s Perfection

From Pasture to Plate, Raised with Care, Crafted with Passion
The Best of Black Angus, Naturally
Experience the Difference of Grass-Fed: Tender, Flavorful, and Nutrient-Rich
Beyond Delicious: Healthy, Sustainable, Humane


Customer Testimonials

Lund Angus beef can’t be beat. Humanely harvested from pampered happy cows, raised by true stewards of our environment. Try it and you’ll never want supermarket beef again.

John, Lynchburg, VA

Thanks for growing such delicious and healthy beef. I often give cuts away to my family and friends to share how good and lean Lund Angus beef is.

Karen, Fredericksburg, VA

Exceptional quality and taste, Lund Angus Farm provides the perfect beef for our family.

Dave, Midlothian, VA

Our Promise

Why Choose Us


Premium Quality

We provide the finest grass-fed Angus beef, ensuring top-quality and hormone-free products.



Dedicated to sustainable farming practices for ethical animal treatment and environmentally friendly operations.


Superior Taste

Our beef is known for its exceptional flavor, making it a top choice for health-conscious consumers.


Local & Fresh

Get locally sourced farm-fresh beef, supporting your community and enjoying the freshest products available.

Grass-Fed Black Angus Beef

Delivered from Our Farm to Your Table.

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