Local grass-fed Black Angus beef – delivered!

healthy, sustainably and humanely raised, grass-fed, dry-aged Black Angus beef

Natural Beef

No growth hormones. No steroids. No antibiotics. Eat with a clear conscious knowing our cows are raised naturally and humanely.

Diet Friendly

Lean in fat content, high in Omega 3 fatty acids, and high in natural vitamins and minerals, our beef won’t bust your diet and could be beneficial for long-term heart health.

Quality Assured

Each carcass is slow cooled, dry aged, professionally butchered, vacuum packed, and frozen to ensure tenderness and flavor with a long freezer life.

Easy to Work With

You never have to talk to, or pay, the slaughterhouse – leave that to us. Pick-up points in 10 convenient locations across the state, and more to come!

Local Business

We are a family-run farm in central Virginia that’s been raising a closed herd of pure bred Black Angus cattle – and supporting the local economy – since 1982.


We integrate our operation into the local ecosystem. By using sustainable farming techniques, we protect the watershed & conserve the land that supports our livelihood.

Small (Eighth)

$ 6.89

Per lb. (Hanging Weight)
  • Est. $495 total (70 lb. hanging)
  • Est. 45 lbs. of take-home beef
  • Smaller portion of each beef cut
  • Fits in most refrigerator freezers
  • $120 deposit required
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Medium (Quarter)Most Popular

$ 6.79

Per lb. (Hanging Weight)
  • Est. $975 total (140 lb. hanging)
  • Est. 90 lbs. of take-home beef
  • Moderate portion of all beef cuts
  • Standalone freezer needed
  • $240 deposit required
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Large (Half)

$ 6.29

Per lb. (Hanging Weight)
  • Est. $1,730 total (225 lb. hanging)
  • Est. 170 lbs. of take-home beef
  • Customized cuts available
  • Great to split w/a group
  • $480 deposit required
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X-Large (Whole)

$ 6.19

Per lb. (Hanging Weight)
  • Est. $3,345 total (540 lb. hanging)
  • Est. 340+ lbs. of take-home beef
  • Customized cuts available
  • Great to split w/a group
  • $960 deposit required
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Lund Angus beef can't be beat. Great taste, great service, cut and packaged perfectly just the way you want it. Humanely harvested from pampered happy cows, raised by true stewards of our environment. Try it and you'll never want supermarket beef again.

TC - Customer

My kids said, 'Why didn’t you buy more?' Next time I’m getting a half!

MS - Customer

My husband was skeptical; we had purchased grass fed beef before and he didn’t like it. We tried 1/8 and have been getting quarters since.

SF - Customer

I just wanted you to know that we are truly enjoying your beef. My partner, who never ever eats beef, will eat yours.

KH, 2018

Had a few of the filet mignons and NY Strips this past weekend, the meat was outstanding, made me stand pretty tall in my diners' eyes. Appreciate the help." WF, DC, 2019

WF 2019 DC

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I could not be happier with my purchase of beef from you. I am pleased with the variety of cuts and the meat has been super tender and tasty. Thanks again. I will be a returning customer for sure.

Dave, Midlothian

Our first time getting it and its great in flavor and little fat! Loved meeting you Mary! Nice to know we're eating something not filled with bad additives.

KB - Customer

I don’t think we have been without Lund Angus for a long time. My family has gotten very spoiled eating good beef. The kids kind of revolt if we don’t keep it stocked. MA, 2019


The beef taste great!!! Have been buying from the Lund's for four years now. Will never go back to purchasing from supermarket... AND the Lund's are some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet!!!

DC, Fredricksburg

Thanks for growing such delicious and healthy beef. I often give cuts away to my family and friends to share how good and lean Lund Angus beef is.

Karen, Fredricksburg

Awards and Best Practices

Intensive Grazing

Intensive, or mob grazing divides a field into small temporary grass paddocks from which the cows are moved daily. This means the grass is not overgrazed, it has time to “rest”, the soil is improved, and the grass recovers faster, giving us an effective 20% additional pasture without buying more land. Best of all, it increases our interaction with our cows.

Water Conservation

We use fencing to keep cows out of nearby streams and ponds, thus preventing foreign nutrients and manure from getting into the water shed. In other words, we are keeping the water clean so others can enjoy it. Cows now drink well water from livestock waterers.

Conservation Award

2017 Water & Soil Conservation award for implementing the best agriculture practices of sustainability and regeneration of the land. We shore up protected creeks and pastures to prevent soil erosion. No pesticides are used on the land and only occasional spot spraying of weeks — most are dug up by hand.

Soil Improvement

We follow a VA State Nutrient Management Plan in addition to yearly soil sampling to insure that the appropriate amount of fertilizer and lime are applied for optimal growth results for our diversity of forages, their roots, and the beneficial earth worms, soil microbes, and dung beetles.

Beef Quality Assurance

Lund Angus Farm is certified BQA (reg #VA 13373, #VA13374). Vaccinations are given to prevent disease and in the proper location so as not to cause blemishes or bruising in the beef. Stress free and behavioral principles of safe and humane handling of the cattle have been implemented (Temple Grandin method). It is rare that we need to use antibiotics, if the cow is suffering, an antibiotic will be given in the appropriate area and documented.

Wildlife & Pollinators

Separate areas on the farm have been set aside for the exclusive use of wild life and pollinators (bees and butterflies). These areas have water, shrubs, grasses, trees and wild flowers to support the deer, fox, turkey, rabbits, hawks and owls. These habitats encourage an increase in the quail, bee and butterfly populations.

Pick-Up Locations

Pick up your beef order at a location most convenient to you.

The Lunds, the owners

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Lund Angus Farm
1107 Narrow Passage Rd
Spout Spring, VA 24593

Dick Lund

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