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Our Story and Mindset

Farm History

Lund Angus has been raising pure bred Black Angus cattle in historic Appomattox County (central VA) since 1982. Our rural setting is one of gently rolling hills, numerous green pastures (improves grazing management), interspersed are woodlots (affording protection from the elements), a small but reliable creek, 2 ponds, and abundant wildlife (deer, turkey, and small game). We integrate our farming operation into the ecosystem resulting in an optimal habitat for nature’s own while raising quality beef.

Our Cows

Our initial stock was acquired from one of the most respected and sought after Angus herds in Virginia at that time (Sam Conner). The start was small and the herd has grown only through retaining and breeding our own cattle – it has remained a closed herd, no outside breeding stock has ever been introduced into the operation. We are a family owned and operated beef farm focused on maintaining a pure Black Angus line of cattle incorporating artificial insemination as our primary breeding methodology. This husbandry process allows for rapid genetic improvement while maximizing sire to dam compatibility. Although all breeds can provide excellent quality beef, there is a general consensus throughout the beef industry that the Angus breed is the leader in flavor and marbling. This fact is particularly important when grass finished cattle are desired; as these animals have less fat and thus less marbling due to a lower intake of carbohydrates when compared to grain finished cattle. It’s no accident that feed lots achieve rapid weight and fat gains feeding a high energy ration of corn and other grains.

Our Beef

We have been supplying locally raised and slaughtered grass finished beef to family and friends since the early 90’s. This heart-healthy meat is high in omega 3, usually leaner than store bought beef (you may need to add a bit of oil when frying hamburgers), and is free of any human introduced growth hormones or antibiotics, thus qualifying it for the celebrated natural meat rating. Our cow/calf herd is never confined and is pasture “housed” all year long. We walk among the cattle on daily basis to check on herd health, pasture condition, and fencing integrity. This constant human contact insures content and calm cattle. We also select for docility, keeping those heifers with “good” dispositions. Since we breed artificially, we must handle them at least once a year.

Our Process

We process our animals at a local family owned and operated slaughter house less than 30 miles away. It was established in 1969 by a Mennonite husband and wife and is now operated by his son with numerous other family members working to grow the business (they recently expanded the establishment with increased cooler storage). They utilize the “old” dry aging method which enhances flavor through the evaporative process more so than the current wet aging process used by the majority of commercial packing houses (wet aging reduces water loss, thus resulting in more pounds to market). In other words, quality dry aging increases tenderness (as also does wet aging), but concentrates flavor and produces meat that is superb in taste and texture. This facility also provides what is call mixed quarters, allowing customers to purchase just a quarter while still getting some of all the beef cuts (vacuum sealed insuring long storage life).